Damage to hairs can actually be reversed by some simple tips to improve your hair and new growth can be enhanced. Hair problems like excessive shedding, baldness, roughness, split ends and frequent breakage are very common these days among men and women. If you know the exact cause of your hair problems then their treatment becomes much more easy. When heredity factor is responsible for the hair problems then managing the hairs is not easy and for that you need to have a proper hair care program. You can easily take care of your hair at your home by following some simple tips given in this article to improve your hair.

Following simple tips to improve your hair will give you shiny, healthy, attractive and stunning hairs.


The health of hairs depends on the health on the scalp. Scalp provides the natural moisture to the pre-existing hairs and also give them a structure for healthy growth. The human head has very little blood flow as compared to the other body parts.Massaging the scalp with gingko biloba like herbs can help you to increase the circulation of blood in the scalp. Oil treatments improve the overall health of the scalp and also provide nutrition and moisture to the hairs. Massage your scalp with coconut oil, sesame oil or olive oil before washing  the hairs. For better results massage your scalp with oil at night and leave it for the whole night. Wash the hairs in the morning with any mild shampoo.


A healthy diet plays an important role in making hairs healthy and beautiful. Protein rich foods are very essential for the healthy hairs. Meat, eggs, milk and fish are the protein rich foods essential for the hairs. You should also add fresh fruits, vegetable and other vitamin containing foods in your diet. You can also take supplements to meet the needs of essential nutrients. Also try to drink a lot of water, as water keeps the body and scalp hydrated and helps to remove the toxins from the body.


Protecting the hairs from external factors is also important for keeping the hairs in a healthy state. Environmental toxins, heat and sunlight exposure can damage the hair badly. If you protect your hairs from these external factors then the damage caused by them can also be minimized. For can wear a sunhat while going outside to protect your hair or you can also stay indoor when the weather conditions are not good. Also try to avoid using hair dries, straighteners and curlers and when hair are continuously exposed to these, their heat damage the hair and make them unhealthy and dull.


Trimming the hairs after  suitable interval also make them look healthy.  By trimming you can stop the split ends to grow further. If you have thin hair then try to keep the length of hair short as it will make them look good and healthy. Trimming is a very easy tip among the simple tips, to improve your hair and make them look healthy.