There are many simple tips for shinny and strong nails which can beautify our nails without doing much effort. The strong, shiny and healthy nails are those which are smooth and are free from spots, dryness, ridges and splitting edges. If you want to make your nails strong and healthy you should check changes occurring in color and composition of the nails. The given tips for shiny and strong nails can be easily followed and are home made. Mainly the color of your nails is pink but sometimes their texture or color changes indicating deficiency of minerals, nutrients and vitamins.

Tips For Shiny & Strong Nails

Nails are the important parts of the body and it is very important to keep the nails neat and clean. As we pay attention to other body parts and face the nails also need attention to be healthy and strong. In this article there are some homemade tips for shiny and strong nails which can help you to solve your problems. The shiny, healthy and strong nails not only increase the beauty of your hands but also indicate your internal health.

For the shiny and strong nails follow these simple tips. Try to avoid too much use of nail polish as it can damage the nails. Take 1 table spoon raw chocolate in melted form or take chocolate powder, take rose water, coffee powder and a table spoon brown sugar. Mix them and make a paste and apply on nails for half an hour. It will make your nails shiny and strong. You can also do this by mixing cider vinegar and garlic paste and applying the paste on the nails. Try to take a multivitamin daily. Nails are not tools so try to avoid them to use as tools. Avoid plucking, picking, prying or poking. Try to take less sugar and alcohol in the diet. Try to keep the nails short to prevent the breaking. All these tips for shiny and strong nails will surely help you to increase the health and beauty of your nails.